While our expert staff certainly can get your project completed start to finish, with the advent lately of the "Do-it-yourselfers" taking on their own projects, we want to remind you that if you want to roll up your sleeves and tackle your next flooring or countertop project by yourself, but still want to have access to the same quality materials at great prices, Liggett's Flooring is your source.

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Essentials to Carpeting  |  top
For the informed DIY guru, here are a few tips we'd like to offer before you select/install your carpet: There are essentially 6 varying styles for carpeting - all differing in the particular weave and assembly.

While the installation of carpet oftentimes needs the eye of a trained professional, we understand that this is the age of do-it-yourself home repair. That being said, some very useful steps can be taken to help ease the installation of your carpeting, regardless of who does it: these tips can be found, again, at the Mohawk website.

Essentials to Granite  |  top
While the world of granite seems endless - with the colors, variations, and sheer majesty of the stone mind boggling - there are in fact only three primary varieties of granite to be chosen from. This very informative article contains a great write-up about them, giving some detailed information about the nature and production of the slabs.

Granite has gained great acclaim with builders and homeowners alike, primarily for countertops but also in flooring, for its extreme beauty, durability, and elegance it can add to any home. If you're deciding what material to use for your new countertop, consider granite!

Essentials to Hardwood  |  top
Toggling back and forth as to whether you want to go with hardwood for your next flooring project?  While there is no shortage of styles to choose from which can be a bit confusing, don't despair! Consider the depth and feeling of warmth wood flooring can add to your home. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of the different styles, widths, species, and colors of wood flooring available, visit the National Wood Flooring Association's website, as they give a very informative glance at the different forms of wood commonly in use.

The variations of texture, size, color, and finish are endless - to talk to one of our experienced staff about your options for hardwood flooring and to see the largest selection of hardwood flooring in the area!, feel free to drop by our showroom anytime!

Essentials to Tiling  |  top
Perhaps the most common form of flooring or countertop for the do-it-yourself homeowner, ceramic tiles come in an array of styles and colors, and can be set in an endless series of patterns and configurations - allowing the creating DIY'er to dabble in the artistic as he or she sets their new floor!

While selecting the tile that best suits your needs is a fairly straightforward process, there are some precautions and preparations that need to be taken before installing. A great resource for this is the article found at the ceramic-tile-floor website, guiding you through the necessary steps to correctly set your tiles.

Essentials to Vinyl & Resilient  |  top
An economical way to provide yourself with a durable and attractive flooring - vinyl flooring, sometimes referred to as "linoleum", has been installed in homes for years, and its popularity has been steady. Newer on the seen is resilient flooring, an engineered style of vinyl flooring that offers more color and design versatility than traditional vinyl products. Care and maintenance is considered to be easier with the resilient forms of flooring over the vinyl as well. For more information regarding resilient flooring visit Congoleum's website.

Essentials to Countertops  |  top
You've probably heard names like Gibraltar, Corian, Silestone, Caesarstone, Wilsonart, Avonite, and many more thrown around in conversations about countertop surfaces. What do they all mean, and what's the difference between them? There are many options for your countertop project, all depending on what you're looking to get out of your finished product. Natural stones such as granite and quartz, while being a bit more expensive than others, give you a rich, deep textured and colored finished product that will make your countertop the showpiece of any room. Then there are products like Corian, and other composite products that offer a seamless installation. Ceramic tile is another popular choice for countertops, offering a beautiful finish with an affordable price tag. And of course the durability and cost effectiveness of laminate products, in addition to the wide selection of patterns and colors, make it a popular choice.

If you're just not sure what to pick, or need to see some samples up close and personal, drop by our showroom to see our wide selection of samples and to speak with one of our showroom representatives to learn more about what Liggett's Flooring can offer you.

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