Below we've listed our major suppliers for all your flooring and countertop needs. We've provided links to their websites when applicable so that you can see first hand what products we can offer you. If you find something that you may want to see please visit our showroom, and if we don't have that particular sample in the store we can certainly get it in for you! If you have any questions regarding any of the products below please feel free to contact us so that our team can help clarify them for you.

Stone & Solid Surface  | top

Not so very long ago the decision for granite could only be made by the more affluent looking to add class and refinement to their home or project. Nowadays, the demand for granite products has risen greatly: the utility and longevity of granite makes it one of the few home improvements that maintains it's value through the years.

Solid surface products such as Dupont's Corian are growing in popularity for use on countertops - issues with maintaining the grout disappear and you're left with a surface that's consistent and smooth.

Hardwood  | top

There's no mistaking the majesty of a rich hardwood floor. The warmth of the wood contributes greatly the feel of the house and the durability and stoutness is to be rivaled by only few. Wood flooring not only adds its beauty and charm to your home, but also value! In a national survey of real estate agents, it was determined that houses that have hardwood floors sell faster at higher list prices than those without!

Carpet  | top

From shag to berber, the style and feel of carpet is so vast and varied that the sky's the limit when it comes to selecting the one for you. Our vendors carry the most current styles and colors, in addition to the timeless classics.

Tile  | top

We have an enormous selection of tile - from the understated simple white, to the flashy and lively colors and styles - tile's appeal lay in its ability to be versatile in selection and application. Take a look at our vendors sites to see what could be waiting for you on your next project!

Vinyl & Resilient  | top

Affordable, durable, and now more than ever styish and appealing. Vinyl manufacturers are coming up with just as many patterns, design, and colors as the above styles of flooring that to not consider vinyl for your next project would be cutting yourself off from a great option.

Window Coverings  | top

NEW! We now offer a great selection of window coverings to match your decorating style; click the link below to learn more about options for window coverings, or drop by the showroom anytime!